Looks like Trek/Electra no longer makes a 21-speed Townie--is that correct? We've got some pretty steep hills in our town and my wife (she's the one looking for the bike) has had knee surgery (plus we're both senior citizens) so needs the step-thru feature and as easy a peddle uphill as she can get. So, looking for expert advice/opinion on whether the 7-speed Townie has a sufficiently low gear to power her up a Seattle/San Francisco-style hill--and if not, would it be possible to remove the standard derailleur/gear cassette and replace it with 18, 21 or however many gears it might take to make it workable for her? Thanks!


Hi @Newt!

Thank you for the great question!

The 7 gears and relaxed riding position of the standard Townie Go! are a bit better suited to rolling terrain without too many Seattle-sized hills. For comfort and a little extra help up the hills, I'd suggest something like the Townie Go! Electric-assist model:


It has a 250W electric assist motor to help push up steep parts, with all the comfort and features of the standard Townie Go! 7D

We do offer the Townie Path 27D that has a wider gear range, but for really steep hills, the relaxed riding position may still prove challenging.

I hope this information helps! Feel free to reach out if you have other questions!

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