Does REI have the equivalent pants for men maybe called something else.?

@dpTN Thanks for reaching out!

REI does have a Screeline pant for men. Unfortunately, that item is out of stock right now. We reached out to our buyers and we should have them back in stock in the next couple of months. If you need something sooner, here are a couple of other options that might work for you:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @dpTN .

I'm not an REI employee, but I do have some experience with the men's Screeline pant about a year ago.  I loved the idea of them, and they looked great hanging on the rack, but I tried on several pairs in varying size combinations, and I couldn't find any that felt comfortable on me.  I typically wear either a 32X32 or 34X32 in almost any brand or style of pant, depending on cut, but these just felt awkward on me.  I have a bunch of other REI Co-op gear, and consider myself to be a fan, so this is not a dig against their clothing in general, just a caution to try these on before you buy, or order a few sizes to try when they become available again.

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