Thanks for your question and I’m happy to try and narrow the choices down a bit. Not too long ago I used trekking poles for the first time. If I’m being perfectly honest I was really quite shocked at how much they helped me!  Hikes can definitely put a little stress on your joints and poles can help absorb some of the shock. In addition I found that poles really gave me some needed confidence on the way up and on the way down in spots where footwork might get a little tricky. 

You mentioned the poles being compact and we have you covered there. One more thing to think about is the pole grip. Most poles are going to be one of three things...either rubber grips, foam, or cork. This is user preference mostly but I personally lean towards the cork. I find my hands sweat less and feel more comfortable. Here are a few options:

REI Traverse Trekking Poles 

Black Diamond Distance Z Poles

REI Flash Carbon Trekking Poles 


This article might help too! Happy trails!

Trekking Poles Expert Advice 



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