The governor of Illinois issued a "stay at home order" from March 21 through April 7, and only "essential businesses" are allowed to remain open during this time. Will REI in Illinois still be reopening its doors on March 28 as planned, or will you be following government orders per state?

Like many others have expressed concern over, I have a very high-value item that I need to return sooner than later to avoid owing interest on my credit cards, and returned on March 28 vs April 8 will make a big difference to me financially during this crisis. 

The REI customer service agent I spoke to today said that all stores will reopen on March 28 as far as she's been told. Can you please confirm this? The agent said that mail-in returns are backed up by at least three weeks right now, and she said there's no way to know at the moment when I would actually be refunded.