Hi there @TM1 

I thought I would chime in as a more casual rider (rides 1-2 times per week for fitness/fun) who loves her Kickr Core. For you and potentially others considering the same question, because we all have! With the Core you will need to purchase a cassette because it doesn’t come with one. It is the quietest, which was important for me. I agree with @REI-AndyF  the mat is a must have not only to protect your floors but it does cut down on vibrations to reduce noise. I didn’t purchase the mat initially and ended up ruining my yoga mat. I would also say the headwind fan is a game changer. As a more casual rider I would say this was a bit of a splurge, I did go without it for almost a year, but it is so convenient and keeps me much more comfortable on the bike.  Comfort is also important for me. 

Good luck and either way you will enjoy your new toy!


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