@JMcGregor ah, this gets trickier, as very few (if any) of our rain layers come with their own stuff sacks. Years ago, we did carry a line of rain jackets and pants that came in their own bag - unfortunately we no longer carry those. So, one option would be to purchase 2 small stuff sacks to use with your jacket/pants, something ~2.5L each, or ~4 to put both in. Another option would be jackets/pants that stuff into their own pockets - here are a few examples you might consider:

  • Outdoor Research Helium Rain jacket
  • REI Co-op Rainier Rain jacket 
  • Columbia Glennaker Lake Rain jacket

For each of those, you'll see an image of the jacket packed into its own pocket.

Sorry we don't have exactly what you're looking for but hopefully those give you a few alternate ideas for how to get your jackets/pants packed down for backpacking!

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