@Lanzastar ah yes, the struggle is clear. And you're right - backpacks and hiking boots are two of the most important categories of gear we carry for getting the fit right. So, we'll provide a few things to get you started and ask for your patience as helping hone a fit may take a bit of back and forth:

  • For the pack, we'd advise starting with this article - it will help you hone in on what size frame you should pick. The rest of the article can help you narrow down volume of the pack and features you want in a pack.
  • For the boots, can you tell us a bit more about your feet - wide or narrow? High or low volume? Any trouble spots, like bunions?
  • And about the boots - do you want waterproof or not? Are there previous brands/models you've worn that you like? Knowing this will help us make a few specific suggestions. This article may also help get you started.

Thanks so much for your patience as we try to help you make some gear choices through this platform!

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