I have tried on and would like to purchase the Osprey Aether 70 in a large size. In our local REI store I did a fit test of this pack in January. The REI employee was very helpful and found the large pack was the correct size but I would benefit from medium hip belt and harness. They told me they could change it out in the store when I bought it. Now the stores are closed. I would like to order this pack online, it is in my ‘cart’ but I am not sure if the central supply would switch out the straps or send the medium ones to me. Is that possible?

Chris David


@Ckdavid Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we cannot swap the pieces out for you at our distribution center. However, you can order the sizes of hipbelt and shoulder straps that you need and bring the ones from your pack back to the store when we open them again. You will need to purchase your size in the Osprey IsoForm5 Pack Shoulder straps  and the Osprey IsoForm5 Moldable Hipbelt

Hope this helps and thank you for your patience during this time!

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