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One thing that many people do not realize is that you need to fit your bike saddle to your body! Our sit bones come in different widths and bike saddles are made to accommodate those differences. Brands try to do their best with the saddles that come with their bikes, however, sometimes they miss the mark.

Brooks Saddles are very popular in the cycling community for their comfort and durability. They are a high quality saddle that can be incredibly comfortable to ride for hours when they are broken in.

We encourage you to go in to your local REI store and ask the bike shop to be fit for a saddle, or at least to try a couple of them out to get a good feel for what the width of your sit bones is. Feel free to check out this Expert Advice article on How to Choose a Bike Seat. Additionally, we encourage you to make sure you are wearing a chamois that fits as well!

Hope this helps!

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