I’ve long admired the vests REI employees wear in the store. They are functional yet not big and bulky like that type vest can be.  Sometimes I just need more pockets, not heavy duty layers! Women’s shorts and pants often fail in the functional use of pockets and I find a vest helps.  

Is there a way to pass this onto buyers or whomever that I would love to see a vest like this available under the REI branding for purchase? 

@LovesGreen we actually get asked this question a lot in our stores! Unfortunately, we do not, and have not, sold our green vests - we can certainly pass the suggestion along to our Co-op Brands and buying teams, although I'm sure they've heard it before! That said, we do have 2 options on REI.com that might work - the REI Co-op Savanna Trails Vest and, in more limited sizes, the Craghoppers NosiLife Dainley Gilet Vest. Thanks for reaching out!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JenK Please pass this question again to your buyers. (We like the REI employee vests.  You can sell a different color so we don't all look like employees!) I checked out the other vests you linked to above. Neither has what I want (and as of 6/20/20 the Craghoppers is unavailable, without a suitable women's replacement.)  Next time I'm in REI, I'm going to ask a store employee if I can look at the tag on her vest, and order directly from the supplier.  We want lightweight, breathable, travel vests, for warm weather, with both internal and external pockets. I'd use it for hiking too, but want something just a bit more adaptable to city adventures and longer than the Savanna Trails vest.

@teresam thanks for the follow-up! We have passed the suggestion along to our Co-op Brands team for consideration and although it's not currently on the product design road map, a the team knows there's interest from our customers for a vest similar to our employee vests!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I really covet those employee vests and have even thought, "I could apply for a job and then quit once I have a vest." Ha! I'm going to buy that men's vest and see how it works out. I plan to use it when I golf at my nearby short course (Butler Park Pitch & Putt) so I can put everything I need in the pockets except my pitching wedge and putter. 

I too love this vest. I do dog sports and although I have a training vest for colder weather, this would be perfect for warmer weather training! Please Please consider offering this vest for customers!! I absolutely love the pocket in the back!