@Roadturn thanks for asking! There are a few things you can try at home to determine if a pair of boots fit, although at the end of the day, the only real way to know if a boot is going to work for hiking is to hike in them. If possible, because it's really hard to fit hiking boots online, we always recommend visiting your local REI store for a fit appointment so we can help you hone in on a great fit. Now that you already have 2 pairs at home, you can try:

  • Test them on your stairs, paying close attention to your heel as you go upstairs - do you feel any movement or friction? If yes, this may not be an ideal fit.
  • Find a way to stand at an incline, facing both up and down on the slant. When facing up and taking small steps, again pay attention to your heel. When facing down, do your feet slide forward in the boot to the extent that your toes touch the end of the boot? If yes, these may too small or may need some modifications to keep your foot in place better.

Hope these suggestions at least get you started with a good fit!

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