@deathrider Thanks for reaching out!

There are three major differences between these two devices (besides cost):

1) Size and weight: the 100AC is two inches wider an 10oz heavier than the 100PD.

2) The 100AC has twice as many outputs, so you can easily charge multiple devices simultaneously.

2) The AC 100W(150W max) output on the 100AC power bank. This one is particularly important if your camera doesn't have a USB charging option (for example, most DSLRs do not).

Given how much gear you're looking to use with this power bank, the 100AC would give you much more versatility in terms of different devices charging at the same time. Additionally, it has a more detailed readout of available power, which is important when relying on it for so many different items. You can find out some more good information in this Expert Advice article on Choosing Solar Chargers & Portable Power

Hope this helps, thanks!

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