Where is the evidence that these shoes will destroy trails?  Any studies or measurements?  Have you seen these highly specialized shoes in use and witnessed trail destruction?

I kind of grinned when I red about their metal spikes firmly gripping solid rock.  I rather doubt that.  Actually, I think a low cut approach shoe with a good sticky rubber sole would be more versatile, just as speedy, and probably less impacting.  But orienteering is not my game, so who knows?

Years ago, my first outdoor job was on a trail maintenance crew and off and on I have done a fair amount of trail rehab and witnessed trail degradation.  Foot traffic in general, will rut trails,leading to water runoff problems.  Extensive stock use will have the sme effect.  Proper grading, good trail layout, and properly constructed water bars are also critical.

Somehow I doubt these highly specialized shoes, probably rather expensive, will have much impact, at least any that can be measured.

Please enlighten me if there is good evidence to the contrary.

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