Do you know if you have SPOTX devices in stock in your Eugene, Oregon store?

Once purchased, how long does it take to activate and become usable?




You don't want a SPOT.  You want an inReach.  They are 1000% better, more reliable and user friendly.  To find stock, go to https://www.rei.com/product/140110/garmin-inreach-mini-2-way-satellite-communicator click the button "Find a store near you" right above the "Add to cart".  This will tell you the closest place with stock.  Activation is very quick and easy via their online portal.  


@Patrick assuming you are referring to the SPOT X 2-Way, then yes, as of this morning it is available in our Eugene OR store. In terms of activating and using, this process should only take ~10-15 minutes - long enough to set up and pay for a subscription!

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