Hey everyone!

I have arrived at this conversation board in need of advice. I broke my talus about 1.5 years ago. Since then I have been attempting to return to the beloved activity of backpacking and hiking, but i experience a recurring problem.... my ankle kills me after being in my hiking boots!! They have been amazing boots up until my ankle decided they were the bane of its existence, so it is time to wander into the land of new boots. I was wondering if anyone had advice on boots that provide ankle support but do not contain intense rigidity? Water proof? Intentions to use for backpacking and day hikes. The current boots I have are Selewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX Hiking boots.



@gaglianesewoody Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing ankle issues after recovering from your injury. We can answer your questions regarding hiking boots with less rigidity, however we can't speak to your injury or what course of action will mitigate the pain you're experiencing. Working closely with your doctor is the best option there.

That being said, a couple of options of hiking boots with ankle support and a bit less rigidity are Altra hiking boots and Merrell Moab hiking boots. We also recommend trying on different boots at your local REI store to get the best fit for you. You can even schedule an outfitting appointment with a boot fitter to talk through your specific needs. 

We hope this helps, have a great day!


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