Im looking at the Thule SquareBar 118 (712200) and the Evo Raised Rails (710401) for a 2015 Nissan Rogue with factory side rails. Does this package for $339.90 include 4 foot packs and 2 bars and will this qualify for free shipping to my home since its an hour+ to an REI in Detroit? Thank you. Love REI!



Hello @astosak 

It sounds like you are looking directly at the Thule website.  They offer this as a package but REI does not, although the pricing works out to be the same.  You are correct that these items would include 2 bars and 4 feet.  They also would qualify for free shipping to your home when ordering on our website.  I have included the links below.  You will notice for the bars that we list them by inches which is different than on Thule's website.  You will need to purchase the 47" bars if you were looking at the 118's.

Thanks for loving REI!  Happy trails!


Evo Raised Rail Foot Pack 

Square Load Bars 

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