Hello there! @Lmarquez 

Your initial instincts with 150 is correct!  That would be a good length for you but it would depend a bit on where you are skiing. For example 143-147 for East Coast "groomers", 145-150 for all mountain, 147-153 for powder. Pay attention to the waist width also. You should be looking for something around 88mm for East Coast, 92mm All-mountain, and 110 for powder. I would say 147-150 with a 92mm width would be the most versatile all around ski for you based off the details you provided.

In general a longer ski is more stable in turns at speed, and a shorter ski will make smaller tighter turns, and move a bit slower with less float. Intermediate-Advanced skiers usually ski something longer, it will perform better and give you more room to improve your techniques.

Hope this helps and you enjoy shredding this year!

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