Browsing through the REI Advisors program website, it seems that things have slowed down/almost stopped completely. Is REI planning to continue the program or is it being phased out?

@bullettrain thank you for reaching out!

We are actively working on a revamp of our REI advisors program. Please stay tuned; more info to come!  


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I can't speak for the website, but I now an Advisor who was recently contacted about possibly testing a product.

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Thanks for your patience while we connect with the teams in charge of this! At this time, the program is not currently growing membership. We have some exciting changes coming in 2020 which may open up opportunities for new participants. It is an invite-only program for engaged REI members.

Thank you for your interest and keep your eyes out for updates in early 2020!


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Hi REI-JohnJ - thanks! I'm already a member, so I'll keep on the lookout for an update. The advisors webpage said an update was coming in October, but nothing was ever posted (that I saw). I am hoping that there is more engagement overall coming soon. Thanks for the update.