I just completed the requested esurvey regarding my buying  experience at REI Seattle.  Upon completion of the survey, I started to think more in-depth about what transpired while shopping for an extremely important component of my commitment to bicycling in Seattle....the choice of the best helmet on the market.

Sad to say, your bike department does a complete dis-service to the Bontrager WaveCel helmet.   It was my own research that steered me to the product.  REI on-site display and subsequent tech/sales staff provided little if any support to my purchase, other than, fit!  When I inquired about an approved or suggested lamp that would fit the Bontrager helmet, I had to wait for tech to consult others to provide product recommendation, and even then, I had little confidence in tech's suggested solution, and it was another $60.00 additional!  

Check-out the Trek/Bontrager website, then tell me your staff knows what they are selling?


Ultimately concerned with best product, safety and application of product to activity,  I find your staff and display information....lacking!   Go to my survey review for more insight into my experience today  

Frankly the bike helmet display is confusing, poorly maintained and incomplete!

Needs attention!


Victor J. Liss, Jr.