Hi @Matthew .  I am not an REI employee, but I have made multiple purchases through the REI Used Gear site, and I have never had any issues with the functionality of the site.  I had an issue with one shipment (the packaging was damaged and an item missing), and, while they were not able to provide a replacement item due to the nature of the inventory, they quickly refunded my money, including the shipping fee.  I believe that the Used site is operated by a separate company working under/alongside REI, so not all site functions, as well as policies/procedures, are exactly the same as on the REI site.

I know how frustrating IT issues can be, but don't let your recent problems navigating the site discourage you from supporting the Used Gear platform. It's a great way to keep gear out of landfills, and I, for one, have snagged some great deals! 

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