I am a long time member with REI, like for over 40 years. This year in fact, my wife and I took an REI guided trip to the Yosemite backcountry and she took an additional trip with our daughter, a woman's trip to the top of Half Dome. They described a soul changing experience. 

The food on the trip was great and they were able to accommodate her need for Gluten Free food. She has biopsy positive celiacs. We use the brand Good-To-Go and you sell it in some of your stores. The guides in fact used Good-To-Go food options and it was great; the risotto was awesome. 

Anyway, when you opened up the Santa Cruz Store, I was both excited and highly disappointed that you chose not to stock Good-To-Go vegan/gluten free food options in that location. This is mistake in my opinion. First, it kinda shows a lack of understanding of just what Santa Cruz is. We are, um... kinda crunchy. It's kinda our thing. Asa. community, that means a great deal of efforts towards notions of inclusion in many respects, including food. Several people here adhere to Non-GMO, Vegan, and gluten-free options for people. I think that changing course and adding Good-To-Go backpack food to your selections in Santa Cruz is really a must. I know we can get it on line but there is a certain convenience to being able to get it at the store.  

Please consider adding Good-To-Go options to the selections you offer in Santa Cruz. 

Thanks for listening 

Don Hernandez 



Thank you for reaching out!

We appreciate your feedback regarding the backpacking food assortment at your local REI store. We will be sure to share your thoughts with our assortment teams. Thank you, as well, for letting us know about your trips with REI in Yosemite. We're glad to hear your wife and daughter had such an impactful experience!

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