So, we went to the Concord CA REI on 10/18/2021 around 3:00 PM to return a pair of HOKA trail shoes that my girlfriend felt wore out way prematurely. They were about 10 months old, but she suffered from knee problems most of that time and ended up having surgery and not wearing the shoes for 4 of those months.

My understanding is that REIs’ published policy is “satisfaction guaranteed”. Instead of issuing a standard credit, the employee said he would have to check with the manger, Dan, who proceeded to lecture us that our expectations of shoe life were exaggerated and that he didn’t think a return was warranted. He surmised incorrectly that my girlfriend put a lot of pavement miles on the shoes, even after we shared her health history. We were persistent though, and we did get our return.

This incident left a very bad taste in our mouths about REI, and rather than purchasing new shoes on the spot, we exited the store weighing our options.

Has the store policy changed, giving employees decision making powers over the stated 1 year satisfaction policy?

Old Guy