Hubby purchased these shorts/pants for climbing/hiking, but asked if I could do anything about the fact that there is no mesh "pocket bag" when you put a phone in the velcro flapped back pockets.  There is just 1 layer of mesh attached to the pant rather than a 'bag' with 2 layers of mesh like there are on the front pockets.

Is this pair just an anomoly, or am I missing something on the function of Convertible Pants?



@paulbnp Thanks for reaching out!

I took a look at the pants you are asking about and, if I am understanding your question correctly, that is the design of the pant. I have a couple of pairs of lightweight, breathable pants and they are designed similarly. They all have rear pockets that have mesh against the wearer and then the outer pocket. I believe this is done with intention of providing some ventilation and also preventing discomfort of too much material when the wearer is sitting down.

If your husband is looking for a place for his phone, I would recommend the zippered thigh pocket as that provides a measure of extra security.

I hope this helps, thank you!


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