How do I go about filing a legal formal complaint with REI corporate HQ and your Olympia, WA mall REI location?

here is the summary of what happened, have pictures to prove it’s real:

*Name Removed by Moderator* store manager decided to discriminate against a disabled person who cannot wear a mask. 8-23-21

How was it discriminating?

The disabled person was in the store today wanting to shop and spend money like they did earlier inside the rest of the Olympia shopping mall where he was not discriminated or called out for not wearing a mask. Disabled person with inside store witnesses asked why aren't you asking his four year old child with no mask to Leave or claim they were trespassing as well?

His answer was children are allowed by the state with no mask to enter businesses under a certain age, but no matter if your a protected class and disabled and exempt by the same state mandates which are not Laws, adults who cannot wear a mask cannot enter the store to physically shop and purchase things and discriminated against the disabled person and not other customers and their children.

Then when the Customer claimed he's protected like a child from not wearing a mask in a public opened business, and yea this REI does not own the building, property or parking lot, the Olympia mall does,*Name Removed by Moderator* claimed the disabled person is criminally trespassing and called the police. I assume local city police department but after waiting around outside to file formal police report against Matthew and REI and or the Olympia mall, they never showed.. don't blame them..

Mall security showed up as a witness and in agreement the disabled mask exempt person was not criminally trespassing and*Name Removed by Moderator* does not have the power or authority to make that decision..


Do not shop at REI and do not give them the time of day.

Funny REI via website on 8-23-21 claims although recommended vaccinated customers can still enter business without a mask????

So why was the disabled person exempt from wearing a mask singled out? Asked to leave? Argued then threatened with trespassing????

According to new WA state mandate people are exempt from masks if they have medical conditions that interfere with mask wearing or facial blockage:

Therefore REI is not above the law for state or federal health orders or mandates, and since the disabled person in this scenario like his child are exempt from wearing anything on the face in a public setting and in a business open to the public, Matthew who represents REI was totally in the wrong!

So all evidence points to direct calling out and discrimination from*Name Removed by Moderator* the store manager of REI Olympia mall location on 8-23-21.

He is not a doctor, lawyer, attorney, security guard, law enforcement, etc... he's a higher than minimum wage employee which I hope gets reprimanded very soon!!

He claimed children are exempt in agreement with state new mask updated mandate but a disabled person with health conditions that also makes them exempt, he personally didn't agree with... and tried bullying, harassing, and threatening to falsely get law enforcement involved and have the disabled person removed from business for trespassing??? Lying to law enforcement is a criminal offense!!


I would like to speak with REI corporate and file a complaint, I hope*Name Removed by Moderator* gets reprimanded and either fired and/or his manager duties removed. He disgusted other customers, his fellow employees and the disabled person and his child…


thank you.


We have taken a number of precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities in response to COVID-19, including our mask policy. Following Washington state's mandates, masks are currently required for all customers over the age of five in our Olympia store. If a customer is unable or unwilling to wear a face covering for health or other personal reasons, we have alternate methods of providing services, including curbside service, shopping on and choosing home delivery, virtual outfitting, and/or calling our Sales and Customer Support team. These options provide reasonable accommodations for customers with disabilities and meet the requirements of the ADA. While you may not agree with our approach, it is one that we believe meets the needs of our customers and employees while also complying with our legal obligations. Our store teams have been instructed to enforce our mask policy and not permit entry to any customer who is unwilling or unable to wear a face covering or face shield.

We have forwarded your note to the appropriate team for review

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