Hi @Mgaines425 - Thanks for these additional details!

The Co-op ADV 2.2 may be a great alternative for you. It was made for riding paved and gravel roads, so while it will bring you speed and efficiency upgrades, it can also handle some tougher conditions. This can open up possibilities for riding a bit more than on a standard road bike. We are expecting inventory of these around mid-October. With your height and inseam, a size XL should be a good fit, though it is hard to say for certain without having you give the bike a test ride.

If you are keen on a more specific road bike, the Cannondale Synapse lineup is a good one to look into. We are expecting the Synapse Carbon 105 around mid-December. This bike would be great for longer rides and designed to do well on climbs. We would recommend the 56cm size with your measurements. 

All of these dates could fluctuate based on shipping and processing variables, so we suggest keeping an eye on the website to best keep track of availability. 

Hopefully this helps!

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