Thanks for replying CarterC. I had a conversation with one of the local REI supervisors here. I felt frustrated with that conversation since his tact was if it was a stove defect, it would have shown up way before now. I guess it falls into the simple, there is something wrong with the product or something wrong with the way it is being used and he took that latter view. Regardless, I am trying to find out how to make the stove operable again. I have contacted Primus, but have yet to hear back. Based on my previous experience with them it could take a while. When the stove last stopped working I extrapolated all it needed was a small O-ring, but REI didn't carry it and it took over a month to get it from Primus. Makes me grateful that I have been able to readily get replacement parts for my MSR Whisperlite. 

On a more positive recent REI experience, I needed replacement poles for an REI Half Dome tent. Although REI doesn't sell or repair tent poles any longer, I was referred to a small company in Seattle which specialized in tent repairs. I was able to get the exact poles I needed and support a small company in the process. Seems like there might be a niche for a small company that did stove repairs? 

As a member of over thirty years and a former REI employee of seven years, I would be very disappointed if REI is considering making their lifetime membership an annual renewal membership.