I am a long time REI member and former employee. I have been frustrated to see and hear of people abusing the REI warranty, but I have  been frustrated to see the increasing reliance on gear produced  that is meant to be disposable as opposed to repairable. I feel like I have reasonable expectations of gear when well taken care of. That said I am wondering about my options for a Primus two burner stove. There are two ways to look at this product, one, I bought it in 2011 so it is ten years old and wasn't meant to last this long. Two, I have used it less than a dozen times, and hasn't worked the last two times. (I do more backpacking than car camping ((my thirty year old Whisperlite still works like a rock star, and I can get parts to repair it, such as O rings)) The Primus has left me stoveless the last two times I took it on a car camping trip. This is very frustrating, when it is your only stove and there is a fire ban, so I don't have a backup fire option. The last time I it was an O ring issue, and after great effort, over a a month trying to get any customer service from Primus, or REI, I was finally able to buy and replace the O ring. So a year later I am thinking I have a ready to go stove and couldn't get it working to cook breakfast. It appears the problem is in the hose, but I don't know what is going on. I dread trying to go through Primus again. 

This stove isn't a pair of thirteen year old footwear.  It's been stored in its original box, when not in use, so I don't think it is unreasonable for me to expect that this stove should work the few times I take it out. Even if I am able to buy a new hose, the first one shouldn't have stopped working with such little use. I have lost trust in this stove and it feels ridiculous that I should have to bring my Whisperlite as a constant backup. When I bought this stove, the warranty was to cover defects, and not items that are worn out from a lot of use. At this point I would like to return this stove and apply the credit toward one I can depend on.