Not sure what your point is.  The article was interesting- I did not know that the national Parks were officially unsegregated in 1945.  I have never known any form of NP segregation in my experience - my first visit to a NP was in 1949 or so, followed by a NP career, beginning in 1962.  I am still a volunteer in my local NP.

During that time, visitors of color were notably scarce, though I think that was a reflection of society in general.  Th career employees in 1962 were overwhelming white and male.

That is no longer the case.  Gender equality is nearer the norm and employees of color are more in view, although probably not quite up to their representation in the general population.

In general, today is a much better experience for us all.  Growing up in Mississippi during WWII, it wasn't until high school that I attended an integrated school.  Later I had extensive contact with Native Americans, especially Dineh (Navajo) and had many rich, rewarding experiences.  My successor at my NP is female, brilliant and highly qualified, as were my last two supervisors, the two best I experienced in my entire career....

We as a society are not yet at a point where we can say true equality exists, but we are much better than we used to be.


Onward!  (and I welcome REI's statement)

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