Having been raised in the Philadelphia PA area during the 1950’s & 1960’s, I attended public school among classmates of all races and economic backgrounds.

At no time do I recall any issues of racial inequality, affecting how we treated each other.

We were all the same, with the exception of which grade we were attending.

Together, we all attended classes, played at recess, participated in sports, musical, cultural, outdoor activities and socialized with each other as equals, without race ever being an issue.

As a young adult, I got married.

My Best Man was Black.

What happened to the Civil Rights Act of 1964? 

Why has it’s historical importance been minimized?

Has it been lost in the racist indoctrination of late, having been stoked by those of whom want to reshape our nation into another form of government, under the guise of social justice?

Are businesses caving to shake downs by special interest groups, in fear of publicly being called racist?

It appears to be true.

I have never witnessed any form of racism at REI, since becoming a member in 1984.

Did it exist, but I was unaware of it until recently?

REI in July 15, 2020, established racial equity policy?


Now it appears, Racism in America, as it exists today, prevents the BIPOC community from going outside and enjoy the benefits of “The Great Outdoors”.



At what point, do we call out this, for what it is?

Now is the time.

REI should continue to provide an opportunity for their Customers to acquire a vast selection of quality products and services for active outdoor activities, and leave the politics of social activism outside the door.