waterproof solar panel for kayaking

I'm planning a 1200 mile, 3 month circumnavigation of Lake Superior and need a waterproof solar panel for the back deck of my sea kayak.

The idea is to run the cable into the back hatch to a battery contained in a waterproof box so I can charge all day while I paddle.  Getting into camp at 3pm each day may not give me enough time to charge my VHF radio directly from the panel.

Any ideas?



@H2OAlchemyst What an amazing sounding trip! I can't wait to hear more about your adventure!

In terms of the solar panel I would recommend starting by looking at the REVEL GEAR Day Tripper Solar Pack. It has sealed electronics housings and connection ports which will be critical if you are involved in an immersion situation (rolling your kayak, for example). You can also check out the Powertraveller Falcon 21 Solar Panel. It is waterproof and dustproof rated to IPX4. Important to note that IPX4 is for splashes of water from any direction but not direct immersion in water. The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus is protected from rain and snow, however they state that water should not get on the junction box or USB connector.

You will also want to make sure you are clear about the power needs for your VHF radio so you ensure the panel is big enough to charge your electronics.

Hopefully this helps get you started in the right direction, have an amazing trip!


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