It has been brought to my attention that REI is selling counterfeit Kermit chairs. Im not usually one to post complaints but the original Kermit chair is very popular among motorcyclists, and the community has been spreading the word that REI is selling a fake Kermit. People are pretty chatty about this on forums, facebook groups and other social media. This product is pretty much an exact copy of the original Kermit chair and I think if REI knew that you wouldnt sell it. Could you please look into this?

I have no affiliation with Kermit, I've been an REI customer for decades, and I have a lot of great REI products. I'd like to see REI try to do "the right thing" here .





Thanks for reaching out about the Zempire Roco Low Rider V2 chair. One of the things we value about this community is the ability to hear feedback directly from our members and we appreciate you taking the time to bring your concern to our attention. We have passed your feedback on to the appropriate team for consideration.

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