REI Member Since 1979

Member since 1979, it's incredible, but every customer/staff interaction I've ever had has been absolutely delightful!

Employees have only been polite, professional and attentive.

I suspect that at times, some 'tap dance' on a subject and may overstate their personal experience on some topics, but also suspect some customers like to play 'gotcha' with empoyees is areas where the customer has great expertise and has an ego to prove it.

If your feeling a bit low, visit REI to get cheered up.  Just saying.

REI Member Since 1979

@Philreedshikes Thank you so much for your note here!  What you describe is exactly the experience we want to provide our Members!  I am thrilled to know that this has been a consistent experience for you.

I will let you in on a many of our Members (like you) provide us with the same level of inspiration and joy that we aim to impart!  So thank you for being here with us and a HUGE part of what makes our job awesome!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.