congrats on your first hike!  Hiking (hopefully leading to backpacking) is a lifetime of joy!

A coupla things; A bladder system, although very handy for sipping as you walk, alas, is heavier than carrying a water bottle (but only by a few ounces).  The trend these days, (which you will undoubtedly see as you hike more ofter) is to use "smart water" bottles, which only weight about an ounce.  These bottles also fit the sawyer line of water purifiers screw on filters, if you decide to go that route. A very easy way to starting cutting pack/day pack weight.

Also, dried apricots are an excellent choice for preventing cramps associated with a need for electrolytes, as they are rich in potassium.  Electrolytes are exclusively potassium AND sodium.

Hope you continue to enjoy your hiking!

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REI Member Since 1979