Hey everyone! My wife and I are getting into the world of backpacking. We are looking for some local or even just close proximity places to start out at. We are in North East Arkansas and willing to travel around 150 miles a weekend to find a great backpacking or hiking spot. Help?


Hi @Cstyron21 - Thanks for reaching out! Northeast Arkansas is a spectacular area and such a wonderful place to get acquainted with the world of backpacking. Friends and I used to make the trip up to the Ozarks fairly frequently when I lived in New Orleans!

I recommend taking a look at these trails:

You'll notice that two of those trails are next to the Buffalo National River. That area hosts a wide array of hiking and backpacking options and, in my opinion, every view is more stunning than the last!

Once you get back from trails, we'd love to hear where you chose and an update on how things went. Thanks again for bringing this question to the community. Happy hiking!

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