Does anyone have any suggestions for short backpacking trips (5-7 miles one way) in the Ozarks or Ouachitas that are: 1) close to streams that you can fly-fish, 2) won't be miserable at the end of May, and 3) won't have mounds of people.

My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to a wedding in northern Alabama the last weekend of May that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an alternative, I was hoping to take him on his first backpacking trip. I really want him to have a good experience so that he will be interested in going with me on bigger trips.

I am a moderately experienced backpacker and we're both in great physical shape from running and biking. I've only lived in AR for about a year and a half so am still learning the landscape.

@ARHiker Do you have any suggestions?

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