I have just got into two and three day backpacking and would like to meet other people that enjoy what I do that I could go backpacking with I normally go with my dog but I would like to get with some other people to do some trips with


@Harley hey there, where are you located? Do you have an interest in backpacking in a specific area?

@HallworksI was wondering the same thing!

@Harleywhere do you live?

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I live near Huntsville Al and I normally don't travel over a hundred miles how far are you from were I live and thank you


Hi @Harley 

I can’t recommend Meetup.com enough. If you’re in or near a fairly large population center, there is most likely a backpacking Meetup group. 

Free to join and a great way to meet people of all experience levels. 

Happy hiking!

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Thank you I live near Huntsville Al and I will try the site that you recommend have a great day