Hi @KelHerd - Thanks for reaching out! There are many great opportunities in the northern Alabama region, so you're in a wonderful spot to start hiking. I'm from New Orleans and friends and I used to head up to that area often to spend time outdoors. 

You'll find some great ideas for hikes in another thread titled Alabama Outdoors. Over on the Alabama Hiking Trail Society website, there is a list of hiking clubs and organizations that might be another good spot to find a hiking buddy.

We're also hoping some fellow community members from the area will chime in. @ajordan@AdHocAdventure@Nomad@drrocket@imix4u@tco2504 - do you all have any trail suggestions or tips to pass @KelHerd's way? Are any of y'all looking for someone to hike with or know other people that are? 

This community is a perfect spot to look around for answers to questions you have and to ask your own! We're excited that you're here!


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