I was recently assigned to Western NY for work and I’m trying to find good hiking. I have been to Pennsylvania and I’m heading to the Adirondacks to hit the high peaks. Suggestions welcome, the more vertical the better! I’m in Ellicottville.



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Also, we encourage you to check out our Upstate New York board where you might find some useful information as well.

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Any word on a Western New York board? Upstate NY and Western NY are birds of a different feather. 


Hey Darren. It would be hard to beat Allegheny (both the state park and the national forest) for local hiking material - you know, close to home. And the only mountains in the state are the Adirondacks, definitely worth the drive - especially the High Peaks. It's the most vertical you will find, unless you want to drive to New Hampshire and try out the White Mtns.

For day hikes close to Ellicotville, there is a network of trails kinda south of the ski area. If you go to a local bike shop in town, I bet they'd have a map of the area and good directions for how to get there. The Western NY Mtn Bike Association (WNYMBA) does a lot of trail-work there.

A little further out of town, and to the north is an Erie County Park named Spraguebrook that has a few nice, day-hike trails (also kept up by WNYMBA).

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Niagara Gorge is a nice hike. Letchworth State Park has plenty of nice trails too.

I forgot about those, VeeMonty. Good options.

Back in my rock-climbing days (decades ago) we used to do most of our climbing in the Niagara Gorge. I'm not sure it's allowed anymore, but hiking is still OK. The Canadian side was particularly good, but off limits during the pandemic (with the border being closed).

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Just outside of Ellicottville, there is Little Rock City State park-with a great little network of trails! If you are looking for day trips-Ithaca has a bunch of state parks with great trails (Buttermilk, Treman, Taughannock). Also out towards the Finger Lake area-you can hit up Watkins Glen which is gorgeous.

Closer to Buffalo, there are Spraguebrook & Hunters Creek parks which have some good trails for hiking or MTB!

Not really a climb or in western NY, but if you're passing through the lower Hudson Valley and have time on your hands, stop by the small town of Pine Plains, NY, maybe 20 miles from the river, near Rhinebeck, about halfway between Albany and Poughkeepsie, and see if the Stissing Mountain Fire Tower is still there. Bit of a hike, all of it uphill, small scramble at the top if I recall correctly, and from the top of the tower you can see NY City on a clear day!