I am hoping to find interested runners and or hikers that may like to do a day excursion somewhere in upstate New York. I am currently on active duty and living in a hotel in East Syracuse New York. Although I enjoy the things that I have Access to locally to include Green Lakes State Park and Onondaga Lake, it would be wonderful to explore other areas nearby with anyone that knows the area better than I would like to do a run or a hike. Please let me know if you’re interested. My name is Roxellen (Rocky) And my current home of record is Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Due to the nature of my activation here in Syracuse New York I don’t get to go home much. A hotel has become my home for the last 2+ years. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that may be interested! Oh, I should mention, I am a nurse practitioner so would be handy if there was a medical emergency… Let’s hope not but just saying.

Hi @rauletto - Thanks for reaching out! 

We wanted to tag a fellow Upstate New Yorker who might know of good ways to find hiking and running partners in the area. @Kato1953, do you have any suggestions to share? 

We hope that community members will be able to weigh in too. If not, another way to find people or groups to hike and run with is Meetup.com, where you can filter by your location. 

Hopefully this helps!


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Greetings Rauletto,

Old Salt (Syracuse) is roughly the center of the state which isn't a bad place to be because you're not too far from lots of things. The Adirondack Mountains to the north, the Catskill Mountains to the south east, the fabulous gorges of Ithaca and Watkins Glen to the south, the great gorge of the Genessee River and the Niagara Escarpment to the West. 

My best advice is to contact and consider joining the Onondaga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club - https://www.adk-on.org. Nearly all chapters have organized outings and many of the members are runners as well as hikers, etc. Good news too, the chapters are resuming hikes and other activities this June after being on hiatus due to the pandemic for the better part of a year. 

Good luck to you Rauletto.

There is a nice group of runners that meet Sat. mornings (7-8 am) in Onondaga Lake Park (Parking lot near wegmans playground). Look for a hippie looking guy named Chuck (will be likely drawing on the lot with chalk, he's a great artist) the nicest guy I know. There will be a mixed group of runners around him. If you can't find him, ask a runner where Chuck is and they likely know him.