@Michelle98650 I just realized I didn't address the cyclist factor in my previous post. Oopsies!

Mt. Lemmon is hands down where I would recommend you go for bicycling. Prison Camp area and just slightly further down the mountain has some great moderate bike trails. Many of the hiking trails are also bike friendly, but I suggest asking the Coronado National Forest if you are unsure if bikes are allowed on a trail.

The Saguaro National Park also has some great bike paths with practically no elevation gain (this place is flat - foot trails and bike trails both have minimal elevation gain).

If you are interested in biking around Tucson, many of the roads have bike lanes, but be careful - Tucson drivers are notoriously reckless and love to run red lights! The streets near the University of Arizona and up around Oro Valley are the safest, in my opinion. In Tucson, bikes are considered cars in terms of traffic rules, FYI. Also, if you bike around dawn/dusk or at night, be sure to wear lights - they are required (both head and tail lights).

Also, a side note, but if you take N Campbell Ave. all the way North at night, you get an AMAZING view of the city. You could bike this or simply drive, your choice. 🙂


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