Hello! Volunteers needed to help with a missing person search.

A paraglider has been missing in the Eureka Nevada area for one week now. We are in need of people to hike the grid search, drone pilots, other pilots, people with ATVs or 4x4 vehicles or dirt bikes, and anyone else who can donate their time or resources. No experience necessary to provide assistance. You can help remotely too with data analysis, logistics, volunteer recruitment, satellite image review and beyond.

There is a lot of information on the Go Fund me page for this search and rescue. Kiwi is an active member of the Burning Man community and the paragliding community and has been missing for 8 days now. Please spread the word and ask any friends who would be willing to come to Eureka for this effort.

There is a campground to stay at and I would be willing to drive anyone within an 8 hour radius to the camp and take them home as well. Reno is about a 4 hour drive and Vegas is about a 5 hour drive. Reach out to me via text or call ASAP.

Please check out the Go Fund Me page for daily updates:

Here is an article link with some basic info:

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