I am probably in the minority and a glutton for punishment toting my full-frame Canon 6D DSLR and tripod on multi-day backpacking trips, but I like doing low-light and nighttime photography and even the best phones don't handle those situations well.  On shorter distances and short overnight trips I may bring extra lenses, but on longer trips my 24-105 mm lens is the only one carry and is pretty versatile for landscapes and the shots I'm typically capturing...but not quite enough reach for distant wildlife or squatches 😉



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Todd the Hiker

Nikon AW 130. Waterproof to 99’, shock resistant 7’, freeze resistant. Definitely all weather. Shoots surprisingly well underwater snorkeling or diving. Backpacking, bushwacking off trail, even hurricanes. It’s been places you wouldn’t dare take a regular camera. Nice macro shots. Used to use a Nikonos IV in the days of film. Very nice 1080 video. What can you say…..it’s a Nikon.