Hi yall! This is B from Get Outdoors Nevada. 

We have a bunch of great volunteer opportunities coming up in the next month, but I want to highlight two: 

November 16, 8-11AM: Native Habitat Planting at Craig Ranch Regional Park. 
We're going to be planting a desert habitat and we'd love to have you all join! 

November 29, 9AM - 12PM: #OptOutside The Great Unconformity Cleanup. 
This is a trash cleanup the Friday after Thanksgiving. We'll have two dumpsters and need a bunch of hands to help us fill them up. The Great Unconformity site is a buried erosion surface. It is a surface of rock that was exposed on the Earth's surface and was then covered by younger layers. The Great Unconformity at Frenchman Mountain represents about 1.2 billion years, which is more than one fourth of the age of the Earth.

To join us, you can sign up on our website: www.getoutdoorsnevada.org/events
You can also find all of our other events there!