I have been fly fishing for almost 50 years and enjoyed small stream fishing often. If I were starting out experiencing fly fishing on small streams, I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Tenkara rod. I’ve landed, and carefully released, trout up to 13” but mostly targeted native trout in the mountain streams which range in size from 5” to 10”. 
Tenkara fishing is a simple rod with a length of braided line and a length of monofilament tippit to attach to fly to the line. The rod sections collapse and securely store within the rod handle section. Use a small Tenkara spool to store the line and leader and a small fly storage box and your good to go. Don’t forget to get a fishing license and, perhaps, a trout stamp in the State you will be fishing. Please practice catch and release.

A Tenkara outfit compliments the camping, hiking, and exploring experiences. It makes sense to me for REI to offer a simple Tenkara package. Swift bike packing bags is now partnering with Tenkara rods maker and offering a fly fishing pack and package.

I hope this helps!