Yep, another year to Diamond Lake, and another year with fires … fires almost everywhere to the west, south, and north. Hwy 58 was deemed too prone to fire delays for the return trip. Temperatures were also >95 in valley and hot on the passes as well, though the early mornings could be ~45. The original plan was 4 nights and 3 big hikes with 1 smaller. Reality was 2 long hikes and 2 shorter.

Day 1 – Fuji Mt (Waldo Lake) on route with friends

Day 2 – PCT from Hwy 138 south to Crater Lake Rim (and back)

Day 3 – PCT from Diamond Lake Resort TH to past Tipsoo Peak (and back)

Day 4 – Mt Bailey via Silent Creek (and back)

Fuji is just a great first-timer hard walk-up with a great view, and the weather held enough not to disappoint – though looking west was another disaster. The PCT to Crater Lake was a check list hike for me, ‘I walked up to Crater Lake’, and my expectations on terrain and difficulty were accurate – dusty, sunny, hot, … but fast! Thielsen Creek area was burnt last year and I was there about 2 weeks before … I had to go back to see the remains. Mt Bailey is just a fun walk-up (hard and 100% characteristic of central cascade >7500 ft mountain.

Diamond Lake is spectacular and this year’s campground is a ‘must go back’ … wildlife observed over the 4 days: fishing osprey 2 different days, bald eagle being chased by 4 ravens, elk (from car), deer (from car), and most amazing, a pair of martens yelling at me from their tree.

Gear thoughts: car camping is so luxurious … used Topo Terra* for climbing and Topo Ultra* for PCT cruising (with duct taped toes on both). Everything worked great!

Full trip report on all 4 hikes here: 

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