Hi @HankG 

That sounds fantastic!  Both the trail and the ice cream!

There's also the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail out of Columbia, PA that parallels the Susquehanna River, and goes past Chickie's Rock, a climber's destination.  That one is 15 miles, fully paved,

My bike is a Specialized Crosstrail (hybrid) with the factory original Trigger Sport 700X38 tires, which have a very mild, center tread, with more aggressive logs to the sides.  The recommended pressure is 75-100 PSI, but I usually keep them around 60-65 PSI...except for that one time I forgot to check the pressure beforehand and couldn't figure out why pedaling was so much harder than usual.  Yeah, 20 PSI is just a wee bit too low for comfort.  🤣

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