I hope you had a great ride today! Sometimes I think there is no end to the amount of experimentation one can do with one's tire pressure. I can't wait for next winter and we can talk about 3-5 lbs of pressure in your fat-tire bike!

I looked at the two Ortlieb Handlebar Packs and there are many similarities (weight, materials, features) and only a couple of difference I can see:

  1. The Ortlieb Handlebar Pack - 15 liters on the REI Outlet has a buckle system to attach to your handlebars with a side-release buckle and a ladderlock strap adjuster, in order to tighten it down securely. The Ortlieb Handlebar Pack - 15 liters on REI.com has a side-release buckle with a quick release tab/tightener.
  2. The REI Outlet model has four smaller foam spacers to dial in the fit to your handlebars, the REI.com model has two bigger spacers.
  3. The attachment points for the elastic webbing on the dry bag is a bit different.
  4. It looks like the attachment strap for the stem has a hook and loop closure on the REI Outlet model and a flip-tab clasp on the REI.com model.

The Ortlieb website has a bunch more photos and even a 360° viewer if you'd like to check it out.

Hopefully this helps, let us know what you decide!

@Rob6, I believe Randy Quaid said it best when he said: 'I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!'

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