First trip was back in "72". 4 high school seniors looking for a way to get in shape for football season decide to ride from Detroit to The Pinery Prov. Park on Lake Huron, Ontario Canada. 110 miles with one border crossing. Tossed the frisbee with customs guys. What a relief! Gear included 2 Schwinn's, 1 Raleigh. 1 Sears Special, 2 tubes per bike, 4 large blue tarps, 200 ft. of clothesline and 4 WW2 era sleeping bags. Depart 4 AM/ Arrive 5PM. Last 20 miles took 4 hours. We became the orphans/ celebrities of this large campground, with fellow campers coming by taking pictures of the Crazy Yanks, not to mention bringing food, beer and shelter. Highlight, riding across The Blue Water Bridge, which we were informed was not allowed. oops. The 1st of many but still the best.