So... Finally had the maiden voyage on the bikepacker I built. It was a 4 day, 3 night 160 miler from Ithaca to Watkins Glen to Keuka Lake to Sampson State park and back to Ithaca. Great trip and everything worked great! We did have some rain on day 3 but it was all part of the adventure. In the photos (my editing skills are very limited so I will just describe) on the drive side front pannier I had sleep gear (camp quilt and sleeping pad) Drive side rear pannier I packed clothes and off-bike shoes. Non-drive side front bag held cooking and comfort (camp chair, JetBoil & spare fuel, cup, and pillow). Non-drive side rear bag held toiletries, solar panel, and a hammock. Frame bag held hydration system and food. Trunk bag carried tool kit, first aid kit, rain gear, gloves, and head sweats. I also had 2 feed bags for extra water bottle, cell phone, and road snacks. My tent mounted to the handlebars. Including the weight of the bike, I was at 85 pounds (the Surly weighs about 32). So, 53 pounds of gear. Not bad really. LHT Non-drive side.jpgLHT Drive side.jpgPannier Contents.jpg