That's a great looking bike! It sounds like a really fun trip. I have yet to weigh my bike, or my kit, so I'm pretty curious how heavy it all will be. Given that it's a fat tire bike it doesn't feel all that heavy when I'm riding, but that is likely because of the size of the tires and that nothing happens very fast on a fat tire bike.

How close is Ithaca to you @HankG? I know you're looking for a solid introductory ride to bikepacking, this route (or parts of it) might be worth checking out!

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Hi John thanks for thinking of me.  Ithaca and Watkins Glen are about 3-3 1/2 h from me not bad and I’ll live the finger lakes But I’ve run into some health issues lately that are really taking up my attention though I’m still getting to ride a bit on trails with friends and still look forward to doing as much as I can keep me posted!

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Salsa Fargo in Northern Arizona.Salsa Fargo in Northern Arizona.

My Salsa Fargo setup on a loop in Northern Arizona.